Unordered List 12/17


Unordered List 12/9


Snooooow Day!

  • Next time you come across the world’s most hated font, take a pause and think: why?
  • Love the presentation of NPR’s Book Concierge, looking forward to seeing how well the recommendations hold up.
  • Awesome case study on how Python is used in feature films.
  • Facebook’s open source library for delivering emoji animations.
  • This list of 52 things learned in 2016 is fascinating. Google ad tracking from web to physical stores, the distribution of computer skills, “stupid shit no one needs”, and voting by switching your lights on/off are among my favorites.
  • Watching:
    • The Last Steps –”This isn’t  the end… We’ve just begun…”; Short documentary on the Apollo 17 crew which manned our last mission to the moon.
    • 13th (Netflix) + The Crown  (Netflix)
  • Reading:
    • Elements of Typographic Style – Re-acquainting myself with the principles behind working with characters and words. It’s dense with information but well worth a read and a re-read every year. Also referred to as the Typographer’s bible.
    • Lies My Teacher Told Me – Engrossing perspective of US History and how it is presented in classrooms. I definitely did not fall asleep in History class, but the subject was taught in the same manner the author is critiquing.


Unordered List 12/2

  • Turned a little sheep into an AR prototype. I’ve been playing around with a few things in the 3D space (particle systems, new render engines) but I’m most excited about Unity right now.
  • A $49 Open Source mini game system. Retro gaming + Arduino.
  • This dynamic projection mapping prototype is exciting. Wearable technology doesn’t have the greatest rap (read: smart watches) but there’s exciting things coming down the line (smart threads!).
  • Why they’re probably not little grey men with large eyeballs.
  • Mike Alderson is my spirit animal. Saw his talk at Styleframes NY a few weeks ago, mind blown.
  • Watching: <I will be watching obsessively> the finale of Westworld S1. Also, rediscovering Chris Do’s The Futur youtube channel which focuses on the “business of design”.
  • Reading: After finishing Adam Grant’s Originals (which I highly recommend), I started Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness which I’ve heard fantastic things about.

Unordered List 11/25


Avoid Black Friday, not political discourse with your friends & family this week. Go Cougs! #AppleCup

Unordered List 11/18


Still processing the aftermath of the election

Unordered List 11/5


Saturday morning edition, woot woot!

Unordered List 10/28

  • Love the kinetic sculptures by Nemo Gould.
  • Always a sucker for a good write up on microcontroller prototypes — Pig eBank.
  • Gorgeous 8k wilderness footage on YouTube
  • Download: Video Copilot’s FX Console has changed my life in the way that SHIFT+C has in Cinema4D.
  • Watching: Black Mirror (if you only watch one episode, make it San Junipero.)
  • Reading: Time Travel by James Gleick — An essay on “time” that analyzes the concept at the intersection of literary and scientific realms, mostly unfolding historically starting from the writing of HG Wells The Time Machine.

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